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Wildwood Ore
Azurite Ore Full Size.png
Type Mineral Block
Tool Efficiency 16+ Pickaxe
Added Version 1.0

Wildwood Ore is a blue colored mineral block found in The Wildwood. Mining Wildwood Ore will drop Wildwood Fragments, which are then used to create a variety of items. To obtain Wildwood Fragments, the player must mine it with a Rupee Pickaxe (or any equivalent) or better. Wildwood Ore is the only ore in the Wildwood. Wildwood Fragments may also be obtained by smelting Wildwood Ore. Wildwood is a tier lower than Apalachia


Ingredients Input » Output Product
Wildwood Ore

Azurite Ore


Azurite Fragments

Wildwood Fragments

Natural Occurence

Wildwood Ore is found among the stone areas of The Wildwood, spawning in veins of 3 to 8. Wildwood Ore is uncommon, but can be found exposed out in the open, making it easy to spot.


Due to Wildwood Ore being slightly uncommon, some mining techniques are required to find them. However, as the environment of The Wildwood is quite open, players can travel freely and search for exposed Wildwood Ore.

Finding Wildwood Ore

Strip mining techniques are generally ineffective due to the small sizes of the floating islands. However, it may be necessary as the abundance of exposed Wildwood Ore is quite low. Unfortunately, due to the small sizes of the islands, players must traverse from island to island if they want to find more Wildwood Ore, because the supply of this ore on each island is limited.    


Wildwood Ore drop Wildwood Fragments, which can be crafted in to Wildwood Dust, the ammunition for the Wildwood Blitz. However, the main use of Wildwood Fragments are the crafting of Wildwood Blocks, which are used to build the portal to Apalachia

Wildwood Fragments can be crafted in to Wildwood Gems, which are then used to craft Wildwood Slicers. Finally, Wildwood Gems can then be crafted into Wildwood Chunks, which are used to make higher-tier tools, weapons and armor.


  •  As Wildwood Ore is slightly uncommon, killing native creatures such as Wildwood Tomos andVereks is a far more effective way of farming Wildwood Fragments. This is because they drop Wildwood Souls upon death, which can be crafted into Wildwood Fragments. In addition, you do not have to traverse from island to island, because all mob drops are renewable, as they spawn quite frequently.