Divine RPG Wiki
Whale Model.png
Type Mob
Spawns Overworld; Oceans
Health 800 HP (Heart.pngx400)
Attack Type Melee
Damage 20 Points (Heart.pngx10)
Drops 1 - 3 Whale Fins
Added Version 1.1


The Whale is a neutral mob that spawns in the Overworld. It swims the Ocean biomes of Minecraft. When killed, they drop Whale Fins, which can be used to create Bowhead Weapons (Bowhead Anchor and the Bowhead Cannon).

You should be careful around whales, because even while neutral, touching one will hurt the player with large amounts of damage and if your armor is not good enough, you will die easily. When provoked, all nearby whales will become aggressive and will come at you, dealing a huge amount of damage if not protected well enough.


The whale is a neutral mob that is 3 x 1 blocks in size. It is grey-blue, it has a sandy texture and has black rectangular eyes.


Though whales may spawn in the water, they can follow players up onto land when provoked. However, they are much slower on land, making it easy to outrun simply by walking. Plus, with their slow and sluggish movements on land, kiting them allows for easier kills. Since they are slower on land, it is recommended to fight them on land. The easiest way to kill them is to trap them and kill them with a Bucket of Lava, or kill them with sand.


Recommended equipment:


1: Get the Fishing Rod and get the boat for sailing out.

2: Find a place with whales close to land.

3: Dig a 3x3x2 hole for the whale to be lured in. Use your fishing rod and pull them onto land. Let It follow you into the pit/hole (it goes in a straight line).

4: Kill it but be careful, as it can touch you and 1-Hit KO you if don't have good armor. Just keep attacking it and knocking it back into the corner, or stay out of the hole and hit it from above.