Divine RPG Wiki

Weapons are an integral part of this mod. They are used to fight off Mobs and get loot. You cannot advance easily without upgrading your weapons as you go. Below is a list of all weaponry obtainable in Divine RPG:

Throwing Weapons
Grid Shuriken.pngShuriken Grid Vile Storm.pngVile Storm Grid Dravite Slicer.pngEden Slicer
Grid Azurite Slicer.pngWildwood Slicer Grid Uvite Slicer.pngApalachia Slicer Grid Mythril Slicer.pngMythril Slicer
Grid Augite Slicer.pngAugite Slicer Grid Halite Slicer.pngHalite Slicer Grid Grenade.pngGrenade
Grid Teaker Disc.pngTeaker Disc Grid Amthirmis Disc.pngAmthirmis Disc Grid Darven Disc.pngDarven Disc
Grid Cermile Disc.pngCermile Disc Grid Pardimal WarDisc.pngPardimal WarDisc Grid Quadrotic WarDisc.pngQuadrotic WarDisc
Grid Karos WarDisc.pngKaros WarDisc Grid Heliosis WrathDisc.pngHeliosis WrathDisc Grid Arksiane WrathDisc.pngArksiane WrathDisc
Grid Poison Bow.gifHunter Bow Grid Inferno Bow.gifInferno Bow Grid Ender Bow.gifEnder Bow
Grid Shadow Bow.gifShadow Bow Grid Dravite Bow.gifEden Bow Grid Azurite Bow.gifWildwood Bow
Grid Bluefire Bow.gifBluefire Bow Grid Uvite Bow.gifApalachia Bow Grid Mythril Bow.gifMythril Bow
Grid Augite Bow.gifAugite Bow Grid Halite Bow.gifHalite Bow Grid Twilight Bow.gifTwilight Bow
Grid Teaker Bow.gifTeaker Bow Grid Amthirmis Bow.gifAmthirmis Bow Grid Darven Bow.gifDarven Bow
Grid Cermile Bow.gifCermile Bow Grid Pardimal WarBow.gifPardimal WarBow Grid Quadrotic WarBow.gifQuadrotic WarBow
Grid Karos WarBow.gifKaros WarBow Grid Heliosis WrathBow.gifHeliosis WrathBow Grid Arksiane WrathBow.gifArksiane WrathBow
Grid Everfright.gifEverfright
Ammunition Consuming Projectile Launchers
Grid Frost Cannon.pngFrost Cannon Grid Bowhead Cannon.pngBowhead Cannon Grid Crabclaw Cannon.pngCrabclaw Cannon
Grid Dravite Blitz.pngEden Blitz Grid Corrupted Cannon.pngCorrupted Cannon Grid Azurite Blitz.pngWildwood Blitz
Grid Uvite Blitz.pngApalachia Blitz Grid Mythril Blitz.pngMythril Blitz Grid Augite Blitz.pngAugite Blitz
Grid Halite Blitz.pngHalite Blitz Grid Golden Fury.pngGolden Fury
Grid Teaker Cannon.pngTeaker Cannon Grid Amthirmis Cannon.pngAmthirmis Cannon Grid Darven Cannon.pngDarven Cannon
Grid Cermile Cannon.pngCermile Cannon Grid Pardimal WarCannon.pngPardimal WarCannon Grid Quadrotic WarCannon.pngQuadrotic WarCannon
Grid Karos WarCannon.pngKaros WarCannon Grid Heliosis WrathCannon.pngHeliosis WrathCannon Grid Arksiane WrathCannon.pngArksiane WrathCannon
Grid Eversight.pngEversight
Unlimited Ammunition Projectile Launchers
Grid Serenade Of Health.pngSerenade of Health Grid Serenade Striker.pngSerenade Striker Grid Scythe.pngScythe
Grid Serenade Of Death.pngSerenade of Death Grid Sound Of Music.pngSound of Music Grid Maelstrom.pngMaelstrom
Grid Ghast Cannon.pngGhast Cannon Grid Queen Of Fire.pngQueen of Fire Grid Queen Of Ice.pngQueen of Ice
Grid Bowhead Anchor.pngBowhead Anchor Grid Shark Anchor.pngShark Anchor Grid Crabclaw Anchor.pngCrab Anchor
Grid Dravite Phaser.pngEden Phaser Grid Azurite Phaser.pngWildwood Phaser Grid Uvite Phaser.pngApalachia Phaser
Grid Mythril Phaser.pngMythril Phaser Grid Augite Phaser.pngAugite Phaser Grid Halite Phaser.pngHalite Phaser
Arcana Weapons
Grid Arcanium Reflector.pngArcanium Reflector Grid Ghostbane.pngGhostbane Grid Firefly.pngFirefly
Grid Starlight.pngStarlight Grid Staff Of Starlight.pngStaff of Starlight Grid Captains Sparkler.pngCaptain's Sparkler
MMAnimated.gifMerik's Missile Grid La Vekor.pngLa Vekor
Grid Teaker Staff.pngTeaker Staff Grid Amthirmis Staff.pngAmthirmis Staff Grid Darven Staff.pngDarven Staff
Grid Cermile Staff.pngCermile Staff Grid Pardimal WarStaff.pngPardimal WarStaff Grid Quadrotic WarStaff.pngQuadrotic WarStaff
Grid Karos WarStaff.pngKaros WarStaff Grid Heliosis WrathStaff.pngHeliosis WrathStaff Grid Arksiane WrathStaff.pngArksiane WrathStaff
Grid Evernight.pngEvernight
Melee Weapons
Grid Apalachia Blade.pngApalachia Blade Grid Aquatic Dagger.pngAquatic Dagger Grid Aquatic Maul.pngAquatic Maul
Grid Aquatic Trident.pngAquatic Trident Grid Aquaton.pngAquaton Grid Aquatooth Maul.pngAquatooth Maul
Grid Aquatooth Sword.pngAquatooth Sword Grid Arcanite Blade.pngArcanite Blade Grid Arcanium Saber.pngArcanium Saber
Grid Arlemite Stabber.pngArlemite Stabber Grid Bedrock Maul.pngBedrock Maul Grid Bedrock Sword.pngBedrock Sword
Grid Black Ender Sword.pngBlack Ender Sword Grid Bloodgem Sword.pngBloodgem Sword Grid Blue Divine Sword.pngBlue Divine Sword
Grid Blue Ender Sword.pngBlue Ender Sword Grid Bluefire Sword.pngBluefire Sword Grid Corrupted Maul.pngCorrupted Maul
Grid Crabclaw Maul.pngCrabclaw Maul Grid Cyclopsian Sword.pngCyclopsian Sword Grid Death Bringer.pngDeath Bringer
Grid Divine Sword.pngDivine Sword Grid Dual Claw.pngDual Claw Grid Eden Blade.pngEden Blade
Grid Ender Scepter.pngEnder Scepter Grid Ender Sword.pngEnder Sword Grid Enderice.pngEnderice
Grid Flaming Fury.pngFlaming Fury Grid Frossivence.pngFrossivence Grid Frost Sword.pngFrost Sword
Grid Frostking Sword.pngFrostking Sword Grid Frozen Maul.pngFrozen Maul Grid Fury Maul.pngFury Maul
Grid Glacier Sword.pngGlacier Sword Grid Gray Divine Sword.pngGray Divine Sword Grid Green Divine Sword.pngGreen Divine Sword
Grid Green Ender Sword.pngGreen Ender Sword Halite Blade.pngHalite Blade Grid Icicle Bane.pngIcicle Bane
Grid Icine Sword.pngIcine Sword Grid Inferno Sword.pngInferno Sword Grid Jungle Knife.pngJungle Knife
Grid Jungle Rapier.pngJungle Rapier Grid Livicia Sword.pngLivicia Sword Grid Molten Sword.pngMolten Sword
Grid Mortum Blade.pngMortum Blade Grid Ocean Knife.pngOcean Knife Grid Poison Saber.pngPoison Saber
Grid Realmite Sword.pngRealmite Sword Grid Red Divine Sword.pngRed Divine Sword Grid Red Ender Sword.pngRed Ender Sword
Grid Rupee Rapier.pngRupee Rapier Grid Sandslash.pngSandslash Grid Scorching Sword.pngScorching Sword
Grid Shadow Saber.pngShadow Saber Grid Shark Sword.pngShark Sword Grid Skythern Blade.pngSkythern Blade
Grid Slime Sword.pngSlime Sword Grid Snowslash.pngSnowslash Grid Storm Sword.pngStorm Sword
Grid Terran Dagger.pngTerran Dagger Grid Terran Knife.pngTerran Knife Grid Terran Maul.pngTerran Maul
Grid Wildwood Blade.pngWildwood Blade Grid Yellow Divine Sword.pngYellow Divine Sword Grid Yellow Ender Sword.pngYellow Ender Sword
Grid Palavence.pngPalavence Grid Massivence.pngMassivence
Grid Teaker BackSword.pngTeaker BackSword Grid Amthirmis BackSword.pngAmthirmis BackSword Grid Darven BackSword.pngDarven BackSword
Grid Cermile BackSword.pngCermile BackSword Grid Pardimal WarSword.pngPardimal WarSword Grid Quadrotic WarSword.pngQuadrotic WarSword
Grid Karos WarSword.pngKaros WarSword Grid Heliosis WrathSword.pngHeliosis WrathSword Grid Arksiane WrathSword.pngArksiane WrathSword
Grid Everlight.pngEverlight Grid Teaker Hammer.pngTeaker Hammer Grid Amthirmis Hammer.pngAmthirmis Hammer
Grid Darven Hammer.pngDarven Hammer Grid Cermile Hammer.pngCermile Hammer Grid Pardimal WarHammer.pngPardimal WarHammer
Grid Quadrotic WarHammer.pngQuadrotic WarHammer Grid Karos WarHammer.pngKaros WarHammer Grid Heliosis WrathHammer.pngHeliosis WrathHammer
Grid Arksiane WrathHammer.pngArksiane WrathHammer Grid Teaker Claw.pngTeaker Claw Grid Amthirmis Claw.pngAmthirmis Claw
Grid Darven Claw.pngDarven Claw Grid Cermile Claw.pngCermile Claw Grid Pardimal WarClaw.pngPardimal WarClaw
Grid Quadrotic WarClaw.pngQuadrotic WarClaw Grid Karos WarClaw.pngKaros WarClaw Grid Heliosis WrathClaw.pngHeliosis WrathClaw
Grid Arksiane WrathClaw.pngArksiane WrathClaw Grid Everbright.pngEverbright
Tinkered Weapons
Grid Snowflake Shuriken.pngSnowflake Shuriken Grid Serenade Of Ice.pngSerenade of Ice
Grid Icicle Bow.pngIcicle Bow Grid Frostclaw Cannon.pngFrostclaw Cannon
Grid Fractite Cannon.pngFractite Cannon Grid Sound Of Carols.pngSound of Carols
Grid Snowstorm Bow.pngSnowstorm Bow
Grid Cactus Block.pngCactus Block Grid Snowball.pngSnowball Grid Corrupted Bullet.pngCorrupted Bullet
Grid Fury Arrow.pngFury Arrow Grid Azurite Arrow.pngWildwood Arrow Grid Dravite Dust.pngEden Dust
Grid Azurite Dust.pngWildwood Dust Grid Uvite Dust.pngApalachia Dust Grid Mythril Dust.pngMythril Dust
Grid Augite Dust.pngAugite Dust Grid Grenade.pngGrenade
Grid Teaker Arrow.pngTeaker Arrow Grid Darven Arrow.pngDarven Arrow Grid Pardimal Arrow.pngPardimal Arrow
Grid Karos Arrow.pngKaros Arrow Grid Ever Arrow.pngEver Arrow