Weapons are an integral part of this mod. They are used to fight off Mobs and get loot. You cannot advance easily without upgrading your weapons as you go. Below is a list of all weaponry obtainable in Divine RPG:

Throwing Weapons
Grid ShurikenShuriken Grid Vile StormVile Storm
Grid Azurite SlicerWildwood Slicer Grid Uvite SlicerApalachia Slicer Grid Mythril SlicerMythril Slicer
Grid Mortum SlicerAugite Slicer Grid Halite SlicerHalite Slicer Grid GrenadeGrenade
Grid Teaker DiscTeaker Disc Grid Amthirmis DiscAmthirmis Disc Grid Darven DiscDarven Disc
Grid Cermile DiscCermile Disc Grid Pardimal WarDiscPardimal WarDisc Grid Quadrotic WarDiscQuadrotic WarDisc
Grid Karos WarDiscKaros WarDisc Grid Heliosis WrathDiscHeliosis WrathDisc Grid Arksiane WrathDiscArksiane WrathDisc
Grid Poison BowHunter Bow Grid Inferno BowInferno Bow Grid Ender BowEnder Bow
Grid Shadow BowShadow Bow Grid Azurite BowWildwood Bow
Grid Bluefire BowBluefire Bow Grid Uvite BowApalachia Bow Grid Mythril BowMythril Bow
Grid Augite BowAugite Bow Grid Halite BowHalite Bow Grid Twilight BowTwilight Bow
Grid Teaker BowTeaker Bow Grid Amthirmis BowAmthirmis Bow Grid Darven BowDarven Bow
Grid Cermile BowCermile Bow Grid Pardimal WarBowPardimal WarBow Grid Quadrotic WarBowQuadrotic WarBow
Grid Karos WarBowKaros WarBow Grid Heliosis WrathBowHeliosis WrathBow Grid Arksiane WrathBowArksiane WrathBow
Grid EverfrightEverfright
Ammunition Consuming Projectile Launchers
Grid Frost CannonFrost Cannon Grid Bowhead CannonBowhead Cannon Grid Crabclaw CannonCrabclaw Cannon
Grid Corrupted CannonCorrupted Cannon Grid Azurite BlitzWildwood Blitz
Grid Uvite BlitzApalachia Blitz Grid Mythril BlitzMythril Blitz Grid Mortum BlitzAugite Blitz
Grid Halite BlitzHalite Blitz Grid Golden FuryGolden Fury
Grid Teaker CannonTeaker Cannon Grid Amthirmis CannonAmthirmis Cannon Grid Darven CannonDarven Cannon
Grid Cermile CannonCermile Cannon Grid Pardimal WarCannonPardimal WarCannon Grid Quadrotic WarCannonQuadrotic WarCannon
Grid Karos WarCannonKaros WarCannon Grid Heliosis WrathCannonHeliosis WrathCannon Grid Arksiane WrathCannonArksiane WrathCannon
Grid EversightEversight
Unlimited Ammunition Projectile Launchers
Grid Serenade Of HealthSerenade of Health Grid Serenade StrikerSerenade Striker Grid ScytheScythe
Grid Serenade Of DeathSerenade of Death Grid Sound Of MusicSound of Music Grid MaelstromMaelstrom
Grid Ghast CannonGhast Cannon
Grid Bowhead AnchorBowhead Anchor Grid Shark AnchorShark Anchor Grid Crabclaw AnchorCrab Anchor
Grid Azurite PhaserWildwood Phaser Grid Uvite PhaserApalachia Phaser
Grid Mythril PhaserMythril Phaser Grid Mortum PhaserAugite Phaser Grid Halite PhaserHalite Phaser
Arcana Weapons
Grid Storm SwordStorm Sword Grid Arcanium ReflectorArcanium Reflector Grid Ender ScepterEnder Scepter
Grid GhostbaneGhostbane Grid FireflyFirefly Grid Shadow SaberShadow Saber
Grid StarlightStarlight Grid Arcanium SaberArcanium Saber Grid Staff Of StarlightStaff of Starlight
Grid Captains SparklerCaptain's Sparkler MMAnimatedMerik's Missile Grid La VekorLa Vekor
Grid Livicia SwordLivicia Sword
Grid Teaker StaffTeaker Staff Grid Amthirmis StaffAmthirmis Staff Grid Darven StaffDarven Staff
Grid Cermile StaffCermile Staff Grid Pardimal WarStaffPardimal WarStaff Grid Quadrotic WarStaffQuadrotic WarStaff
Grid Karos WarStaffKaros WarStaff Grid Heliosis WrathStaffHeliosis WrathStaff Grid Arksiane WrathStaffArksiane WrathStaff
Grid EvernightEvernight
Melee Weapons
Grid PalavencePalavence Grid MassivenceMassivence Grid Realmite SwordRealmite Sword
Grid Arlemite StabberArlemite Stabber Grid Rupee RapierRupee Rapier Grid Bloodgem SwordBloodgem Sword
Grid Inferno SwordInferno Sword Grid Bedrock SwordBedrock Sword Grid Donator SwordDonator Sword
Grid Aquatic DaggerAquatic Dagger Grid Aquatic TridentAquatic Trident Grid Ocean KnifeOcean Knife
Grid Slime SwordSlime Sword Grid AquatonAquaton Grid Frost SwordFrost Sword
Grid Molten SwordMolten Sword Grid Shark SwordShark Sword Grid Death BringerDeath Bringer
Grid Aquatic MaulAquatic Maul Grid Crabclaw MaulCrabclaw Maul Grid Poison SaberPoison Saber
Grid Fury MaulFury Maul Grid Scorching SwordScorching Sword Grid Icicle BaneIcicle Bane
Grid Bluefire SwordBluefire Sword Grid Corrupted MaulCorrupted Maul
Grid Bedrock MaulBedrock Maul Grid Azurite BladeWildwood Blade Grid Ender SwordEnder Sword
Grid Divine SwordDivine Sword Grid Uvite BladeApalachia Blade Grid Mythril BladeMythril Blade
Grid Mortum BladeAugite Blade HaliteBladeHalite Blade Grid SandslashSandslash
Grid Shadow SaberShadow Saber Grid Flaming FuryFlaming Fury
Grid Teaker BackSwordTeaker BackSword Grid Amthirmis BackSwordAmthirmis BackSword Grid Darven BackSwordDarven BackSword
Grid Cermile BackSwordCermile BackSword Grid Pardimal WarSwordPardimal WarSword Grid Quadrotic WarSwordQuadrotic WarSword
Grid Karos WarSwordKaros WarSword Grid Heliosis WrathSwordHeliosis WrathSword Grid Arksiane WrathSwordArksiane WrathSword
Grid EverlightEverlight Grid Teaker HammerTeaker Hammer Grid Amthirmis HammerAmthirmis Hammer
Grid Darven HammerDarven Hammer Grid Cermile HammerCermile Hammer Grid Pardimal WarHammerPardimal WarHammer
Grid Quadrotic WarHammerQuadrotic WarHammer Grid Karos WarHammerKaros WarHammer Grid Heliosis WrathHammerHeliosis WrathHammer
Grid Arksiane WrathHammerArksiane WrathHammer Grid Teaker ClawTeaker Claw Grid Amthirmis ClawAmthirmis Claw
Grid Darven ClawDarven Claw Grid Cermile ClawCermile Claw Grid Pardimal WarClawPardimal WarClaw
Grid Quadrotic WarClawQuadrotic WarClaw Grid Karos WarClawKaros WarClaw Grid Heliosis WrathClawHeliosis WrathClaw
Grid Arksiane WrathClawArksiane WrathClaw Grid EverbrightEverbright
Tinkered Weapons
Grid Snowflake ShurikenSnowflake Shuriken Grid FrossivenceFrossivence Grid Serenade Of IceSerenade of Ice
Grid Glacier SwordGlacier Sword Grid Icicle BowIcicle Bow Grid Frostclaw CannonFrostclaw Cannon
Grid Fractite CannonFractite Cannon Grid Frostking SwordFrostking Sword Grid Sound Of CarolsSound of Carols
Grid EndericeEnderice Grid Snowstorm BowSnowstorm Bow Grid Icine SwordIcine Sword
Grid Frozen MaulFrozen Maul Grid SnowslashSnowslash
Grid Cactus BlockCactus Block Grid SnowballSnowball Grid Corrupted BulletCorrupted Bullet
Grid Fury ArrowFury Arrow Grid Azurite ArrowWildwood Arrow
Grid Azurite DustWildwood Dust Grid Uvite DustApalachia Dust Grid Mythril DustMythril Dust
Grid Mortum DustAugite Dust Grid GrenadeGrenade
Grid Teaker ArrowTeaker Arrow Grid Darven ArrowDarven Arrow Grid Pardimal ArrowPardimal Arrow
Grid Karos ArrowKaros Arrow Grid Ever ArrowEver Arrow

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