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I HAVE RESIGNED due to the undeniable issues with the development of Divine RPG.

More info here: http://divine-rpg.wikia.com/wiki/Thread:27996


Who Am I ?

I am currently an Admin/Bureaucrat in this wiki and I also Founded the French version. Video games have a big place in my life, just like it does for you. If you need me for whatever reason, I live somewhere around here. I'm Really, really OCD about practically anything. I really appreciate Divine RPG because it adds a lot of things to Minecraft, making the game more enjoyable to play. It adds so much stuff that it becomes Impossible to collect every Item and Weapon in the game. Oh, and I also know some of This. I'll be certainly inactive due to exams, but fear not peasant! I'll do my best to maintain the Wikia in a good state.

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