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An Overview of The Wildwood

The Wildwood is the Second Twilight Dimension that players will travel to. The portal is made of Eden Blocks which are crafted with 4 Eden Fragments, 4 Eden Souls and 1 Heart of the Sunstorm. To make the portal, place the Eden Blocks in the same way that you would a Nether Portal, and then light it with a Twilight Clock. Eden Fragments are obtained from the previous dimension, Eden. Despite The Wildwood being the second twilight dimension, it is much safer than Eden due to The Wildwood having more neutral mobs than Eden.

The main difference between The Wildwood and Eden is that The Wildwood is blue, whereas Eden is Yellow.

The only ore found in The Wildwood is the Wildwood Ore. WARNING: Sometimes, the portal will spawn in midair, so be sure to bring blocks along with you (Recommended: 1 stack).


There are several kinds of mobs that spawn in The Wildwood. Upon death, the mob killed will drop Wildwood Souls (0-2).

Mob Default Behaviour
Moon Wolf Neutral, tameable
Wildwood Cadillion Hostile
Wildwood Tomo Neutral
Wildwood Golem Hostile
Verek Hostile
Mage Hostile


  • The Wildwood was originally named the "Azurite Forests" before being renamed in v1.4.0.