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An overlook of the Nether; Fortress on the right-hand side.

The Nether is a Vanilla Minecraft dimension, but new things were put in the Nether using the Divine RPG mod, such as new mobs and two new ores.

How to get there

A portal to the Nether is a hollow 4x5 rectangle made out of obsidian. You need to light the portal on fire by using Flint and Steel, or a Fire Charge. Visit the Minecraft Wiki to learn about the Nether (without content from this mod).

New ores

New ores are randomly generated into the Nether, Netherite Ore and Bloodgem Ore. Netherite Ore is uncommon, and Bloodgem is semi-rare. Stepping on Netherite Ore will hurt the player, much like cactus. This is probably because the Netherite Ore is so hot that it will burn the player (But not set them on fire). Purple Stone can also be found, although it only seems to be of decorative use.

There is also another new ore, called Bloodgem Ore, which is a pink ore that spawn randomly in the Nether. This ore is effected by Fortune enchantment. When mined it drops Bloodgem that can be used to craft a Bloodgem Sword, which is a nice sword for the beginning of the game.

New Mobs

New Mobs such as the Hell SpiderScorcherHellpig and Wildfire spawn in the Nether. It is not recommended for unprepared players to fight any of the new mobs without any Divine RPG armor/weapons. Note: Just like Vanilla mobs, Divine RPG mobs can walk through the portal and end up in the Overworld.


King Of Scorchers

          The Watcher