The Eye

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The Eye
TheEye New.png
Mob Type Hostile
Spawn Overworld below layer 15
Health Points 40 ( Heart.png x20)
Damage Output 10 ( Heart.png x5)
Drops Grid Torch.png Torch (16-32)
Grid Rupee Ingot.png Rupee Ingot (1)

The Eye is a mob which spawns in the Overworld. It can spawn underground regardless of light level. While it is a passive mob, when the player looks at its center eye or attacks it, the player is afflicted with Blindness III for 4 seconds. The blindness counter will stay at 4 seconds until it is dead or it has been aggravated by another player. It always drops 1 Rupee Ingot and from 10-50 torches when killed.


The Eye always drops 1 Rupee Ingot on death. Rupee Ingots are useful for crafting items such as the Rupee Shickaxe. However, since Rupee Ore is very rare, killing multiple Eyes is a far more efficient way of acquiring Rupee Ingots. Also, it can also save coal if you use torches for lighting, as it drops many torches upon its death.

Spawning The Eye and Farming Technique

  • The Eye only spawns at very low elevations so the best way to spawn it is to build either a huge room (24 X 24) or multiple medium sized rooms (16X16) between levels 10/5, being 3-5 blocks high. 
  • They become aggressive when you look at their eyes or they look at you.
  • The spawning rooms should be well lit, so that vanilla mobs such as zombies and creepers do not spawn.
  • You can also build a protected area in one of the corners of the room so that you can hit The Eye without it hitting you. 
  • Due to spawning mechanics in Minecraft, if you are close to these spawning rooms, no further mobs will spawn, making this farming method not very effective. However, it is still a lot more effective than strip mining for Rupee, and you will not have to venture into new chunks to find more Rupee Ore. Furthermore, there is also a good chance that you will find Rupee and Arlemite veins when creating the spawning rooms, making this one of the best methods of farming Rupees and other Ores.   
  • Other underground mobs may spawn in these spawning rooms as well, such as the Enthralled Dramcryx and the Caveclops, which may get in the way (unless you are farming for their drops too). 
  • It is not smart to use a bucket of lava to kill them, as the loot will just burn in the lava.
  • Looking at their feet or legs does not make them aggressive, either.
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