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The End is a Vanilla Minecraft dimension, and the only things that were added are new mobs; the Ender Watcher, the Ender Spider and the Ender Triplets. It can be accessed the same way as vanilla; more information on locating the portal can be found here, and information in regards to activating the End Portal can be found here.

Overview of the End.

Comparatively, The End in DivineRPG is significantly more difficult than Vanilla, since the new mobs pose as a bigger threat much larger than the Ender Dragon itself. More information regarding the mobs can be found from the links above, along with detailed information on how to hold your own in the Divine End.

Just like in Vanilla, the obsidian platform you spawn on when you enter the End has the potential to spawn just outside the floating island, and just like Vanilla, blocks set on top of the platform will be destroyed upon your next visit. In such a case, it is advised on your first trip to the end to have nothing on you but a simple pickaxe, and some dirt to travel to the island. Since the Ender Dragon destroys any block he touches minus the one's preset in The End, as soon as you can access End Stone (what the island is made of), making a walkway to the floating platform from the island should happen as soon as you reach it. Furthermore, since Ender Triplets have the chance to blast you off as soon as you enter, making a dome around the walkway to the island is also advised. While this protects you from the Ender Triplet blasts, keep in mind that the Ender Dragon can fly through blocks, and can hit you regardless.

Later on, the Ayeraco Horde is a boss that you will fight that can only be summoned here using the Horde Horn.