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An Overview of Skythern

Skythern is the third twilight dimension, and can be accessed by making a portal in the shape of a Nether portal, but out of Apalachia Blocks, and then lighting it with a Twilight Clock. Skythern represents evening, so the area is very hostile. All mobs in the dimension except the Samek are hostile. It is recommended to get to the next dimension as soon as possible because Advanced Cories live here. Advanced Cories make walking around this dimension very unsafe unless you have very-high tier armor with enchantments, so spawning rooms for easier mobs such as the Skythern Fiend are recommended to avoid Cori projectiles.

The only ore found in this dimension is the Skythern Ore.


Mob Default Behaviour
Skythern Golem Hostile
Skythern Archer Hostile
Skythern Fiend Hostile
Advanced Cori Hostile


  • Skythern was originally named the "Augite Depths" before being renamed in v1.4.0.

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