Scorching Sword
Grid Scorching Sword
The Scorching Sword
Added Unknown (?)
Type Weapon
Damage 26 Points (Heartx13)
Durability 500
The Scorching Sword is a powerful but very brittle melee weapon crafted from ingredients obtained in the Nether. Due to its relative inexpensiveness, several of them can be crafted to overcome the low durability. Crafting this sword requires a Bloodgem and 2 Purple Blaze, which are dropped by Scorchers. It deals 26 Points (Heartx13) of damage, but only has 500 uses. This sword is a great backup weapon because of it's low durability but strong power. It isn't a good weapon to be enchanted, unless you get Unbreaking 3. It is also curious that it is purple as most nether related swords are usually red or orange not purple.


GUI Crafting Table.png

Purple Blaze

Purple Blaze


Scorching Sword