Divine RPG Wiki
A Scorcher.
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version 1.1
Spawns In The Nether
Health 300 HP (Heart.pngx150)
Attack Type Ranged
Damage Output 16 HP (Heart.pngx8)
Drops 0-1 Purple Blaze

Scorchers are hostile mobs that spawn in The Nether. They are upgraded versions of Blazes that spawn all over the Nether. A Scorcher is a hostile mob that launches fireballs at a constant rate very unaccurately, so having any Armor at Rupee tier or better with Fire Resistance or Fire Resistance potions are highly recommended. Scorchers remain stationary and show no signs of being hostile, only firing at the player when the player comes within range of it, even if it is hit by ranged attacks. It can drop one Purple Blaze upon death.

While Scorchers fire at a constant rate, it should be noted that using tactics such as weaving left and right and keeping your distance from them will allow the player to take little to no damage, for Scorchers have a low accuracy rate. This tactic may be difficult with all the other mobs that now spawn in the Nether.