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The Sandslash
Type Weapon (Sword)
Durability 100
Damage 32 HP (Heart.pngx16)
Craftable No
Obtained By Ancient Entity

The Sandslash is a 'special' sword that is a fairly common drop from the Ancient Entity. Despite it's early appearance in the game, it is extremely powerful, causing 32 points (16 hearts) of damage. However, the sword has only 100 uses, making it only useful for saving yourself from a tough situation or killing a low-level boss.

The Sandslash can be upgraded by a Workshop Tinkerer in Iceika to a Snowslash for the cost of 15 Snowflakes.


  • Enchanting the Sandslash with Sharpness, Knockback and Unbreaking is recommended for trips into the first couple of dimensions (Nether, End, Dravite Hills, etc).