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Rupee Shickaxe
Durability Infinite
Tool Shickaxe
Stackable No
Data Value 5366

The Rupee Shickaxe is a tool that is shapelessly made using a Rupee Hoe, Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel. It is very useful as it can quickly gather any type of material and even till dirt. If you have enough Rupee Ingots, it is recommended to craft one as they are very useful.

Because of their infinite, all-in-one functionality, Rupee Shickaxes are not enchantable using the enchantment table. However, you can use an anvil and enchanted books to enchant your Shickaxe.


NOTE: This recipe is shapeless.

Rupee Shovel

Rupee Axe

Rupee Pickaxe

Rupee Hoe

Rupee Shickaxe


  • In some versions, the Rupee Shickaxe does not function as a shovel.
  • In the newest version, they can't mine bedrock or obsidian.
  • Use of the Rupee Shickaxe will crash the game in version


  • In the code, Rupee Shickaxes are referenced as "plasmashic"