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There are two ways to obtain large amounts of Realmite: the Cave Crawler method and the Caveclops method. Both of these methods involve hunting large amounts of a certain kind of mob. Method 1 is less dangerous but Method 2 is more lucrative. Be warned that other mobs, such as Enthralled Dramcryxes, Rotaticks and Eyes can spawn as well.

Method 1: The Cave Crawler Method

  • Dig a hole down to Y=30
  • Create a large spawning room at y=30, being mindful to only make the room 2 blocks tall.
  • Cave Crawlers will be able to spawn in a location with a height of two, but are unable to chase you or attack you unless you get extremely close to them. Therefore you can easily kill them, even with a stone sword. They drop 0-2 Realmite Ingots on death (and up to 6 with a Looting Enchantment). They also have a small chance (greater with a Looting Enchantment) to drop Arlemite Ingots.
  • As Cave Crawlers can spawn in any light level, it is recommended to light up the entire room with torches, to prevent vanilla mobs such as Zombies and Skeletons from spawning.

Method 2: The Caveclops Method

  • Caveclopes spawn below Y=19, so create a spawning chamber (16X16 or greater) below Y=19.
  • Make sure the spawning chamber is 3-4 blocks tall.
  • Before mobs begin to spawn, wall off a small 3X3 area in one of the corners. Dig 2 holes (windows) and place a door on any edge of the wall, allowing you to leave this 3X3 area and enter the large spawning chamber.
  • When mobs spawn, you will attack the mobs through the window, and when they die you can open the door, collect their drops and repeat the process again. Keep in mind that you have to leave the spawning chamber over and over again, as mobs do not spawn within a certain radius of you. If you are low on health, you can simply leave the area and regenerate health, and continue to farm.
  • It is recommended to make multiple medium sized (16X16) spawning chambers alongside each other. This is good because when you are visiting another spawn chamber, you should be far away enough for more mobs to spawn in other spawning chambers, and this process can be repeated indefintely.
  • It is also recommended to use a Looting III enchantment sword, as if you kill a Caveclops with it, it can drop up to 18 Realmite Ingots.