Divine RPG Wiki
Mob Type Neutral
Spawns In Overworld (Underground)
Health 300 HP (Heart.pngx150)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 32 HP (Heart.pngx16)
Drops Healing Stone

The Rainbour is a mob of DivineRPG, it was added in version 1.2. They spawn in the overworld, and can drop Healing Stones

Rainbours are very strong and often spawn in packs. However, they will not attack a player unless provoked, but all Rainbour in the area will attack (Similar to Zombie Pigmen). They have a large amount of health, so it is best to avoid provoking a Rainbour unless you have strong equipment for the purpose of withstanding the attacks of the Rainbour and its cohorts. With a Bedrock Maul it will take about 12 hits,when attacked it will circle around you until you are dead, if you do not like this try trapping it in a 1x1x1 area then hitting it through a little hole using a fence or half-slab. When exploring, you will know you have found a Rainbour because the muti-colored particle effect it gives off. This particle effect can be seen in darkness as well. They are rare to find and are considered the most dangerous mob in the Overworld.