Ores are blocks found in the various dimensions and are used as the source for many raw materials.

DivineRPG adds three new ores in the overworld, Realmite, Arlemite, and Rupee.

Realmite Ore Arlemite Ore Rupee Ore
Realmite Ore Arlemite Ore Rupee Ore

The mod also adds Bloodgem and Netherite ores in The Nether.

Bloodgem Ore Full Size Netherite Ore Full Size
Bloodgem Ore Netherite Ore

The 4 major Twilight Dimensions also have one ore each that can be found in the dimension, with the ore being named after the dimension. These ores drop fragments of the ore instead of the full material.

Dravite Ore Full Size Uvite Ore Full Size
Eden Ore Apalachia Ore
Mythril Ore Full Size Mortum Ore Full Size
Mythril Ore Augite Ore

In the Dungeon of Arcana, there is an ore named Arcana ore.

Neither the Iceika nor Vethea dimensions have ores.

Tool comparison

Here are a few comparison charts between tools of different ores:

Tier Image Efficiency Durability
Realmite Pickaxe Grid Realmite Pickaxe 12.0 4000
Arlemite Pickaxe Grid Arlemite Pickaxe 13.0 3000
Rupee Pickaxe Grid Rupee Pickaxe 16.0 2500
Dravite Pickaxe Grid Dravite Pickaxe 20.0 6000
Uvite Pickaxe Grid Uvite Pickaxe 40.0 6000
Mythril Pickaxe Grid Mythril Pickaxe 48.0 6000
Augite Pickaxe Grid Augite Pickaxe 55.0


Divine Pickaxe Grid Divine Pickaxe 20.0 35000
Tier Image Efficiency Durability
Realmite Axe 1 12.0 4000
Arlemite Axe 2 13.0 3000
Rupee Axe Rupee axe 16.0 2500
Dravite Axe 7 20.0 6000
Uvite Axe 9 40.0 6000
Mythril Axe 10 48.0 6000
Augite Axe 11 55.0


Divine Axe Grid Divine Axe 20.0 35000
Name Image Efficiency Durability
Realmite Shovel A 12.0 4000
Arlemite Shovel B 13.0 3000
Rupee Shovel C 16.0 2500
Dravite Shovel G 20.0 6000
Uvite Shovel I 40.0 6000
Mythril Shovel J 48.0 6000
Augite Shovel K 55.0 6000
Divine Shovel Grid Divine Shovel 20.0 35000
Hoe name Uses Image
Rupee hoe


Grid Rup hoe
Arlemite hoe 3000
Grid Arlemite Hoe