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Mythril Slicer
Mythril Slicer Full Size.png
Type Throwing Weapon
Damage 28 Ranged (Heart.pngx14)
Stackable Yes (64)
Added Version 1.0?

Mythril Slicers are the Throwing Weapons obtained from the crafting of Mythril Gems. Mythril Slicers deal 28 Ranged Damage (Heart.pngx14) each, and can be thrown in rapid succession if the player has many Mythril Slicers. 1 Mythril Gem yields 40 Mythril Slicers.


Ingredients Input » Output
Mythril Gems

Mythril Gem

Mythril Slicer


Combat Application and Use

The Mythril Slicer is quite cheap and easy to manufacture, requiring only 3 Mythril Fragments to make 40 Mythril Slicers. This, coupled with its very high damage, makes it a weapon worth manufacturing.

Like an Anchor, the projectiles can be thrown extremely rapidly, meaning that they can knock mobs out of hostile range. This is especially useful against Frost Archers. Also, slicers in general are more effective against flying enemies compared to any other ranged weapon, as one can throw them extremely rapidly, each dealing high damage. 

Unfortunately, the Mythril Slicer is ineffective at killing mobs with high health. This is because it can take many Mythril Slicers to kill a mob. However, a quick flurry of several Mythril Slicers can be used at an enemy to knock them back by quite a distance (this is especially useful against the Mythril Golem) should the player need time to escape or recover.