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Mortum Dimension

The Mortum Depths is the last Twilight Dimension. It is entered through a portal made out of Mythril Blocks and lit with a Twilight Clock. The mobs inside are extremely powerful; it is necessary to enter equipped with high-tier armor and weapons, preferably with enchantments.


Mob Default Behaviour
Basilisk Hostile
Angry Bunny Hostile
Twilight Archer Hostile
Soul Stealer Hostile
Demon of Darkness Hostile
Mortum Cadillion


Sorcerer Hostile


Mob Status
Dex and Zichile Removed in v1.4
Eternal Archer
Twilight Demon
Soul Fiend
Densos and Reyvor

Upcoming Mobs



This dimension was once named the Augite Depths, before being renamed to the Mortum.

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