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Mobs, short for Mobile, is the term given to moving, living entities within Minecraft. Mobs are affected by the environment in the same ways as the player. Mobs can be damaged and killed by catching on fire, drowning, falling from heights, suffocation, falling in Lava, Cactus. Most land based mobs can be transported by minecarts.

Mobs within Vanilla Minecraft aren't too much of a challenge because they have low health and damage. The new mobs introduced by Divine RPG are very powerful with many regular mobs being more powerful than the Ender Dragon and The Wither.

Overworld Mobs
Grid Arid Warrior.pngArid Warrior Grid Cave Crawler.pngCave Crawler Grid Caveclops.pngCaveclops
Grid Crab.pngCrab Grid Cyclops.pngCyclops Grid Desert Crawler.pngDesert Crawler
Grid Enthralled Dramcryx.pngEnthralled Dramcryx Grid Frost.pngFrost Grid Glacon.pngGlacon
Grid Jungle Bat.pngJungle Bat Grid Jungle Dramcryx.pngJungle Dramcryx Grid Jungle Spider.pngJungle Spider
Grid King Crab.pngKing Crab File:Grid Kobblin.pngKobblin File:Grid Liopleurodon.pngLiopleurodon
File:Grid Pumpkin Spider.pngPumpkin Spider Grid Rainbour.pngRainbour Grid Rotatick.pngRotatick
File:Grid Saguaro Worm.pngSaguaro Worm Grid Shark.pngShark Grid The Eye.pngThe Eye
File:Grid The Grue.pngThe Grue Grid Undead Miner.pngUndead Miner Grid Whale.pngWhale
Nether Mobs
Grid Hell Spider.pngHell Spider Grid Scorcher.pngScorcher Grid Wildfire.pngWildfire
End Mobs
Grid Ender Spider.pngEnder Spider Grid Ender Triplets.pngEnder Triplets Grid Ender Watcher.pngEnder Watcher
Iceika Mobs
Grid Alicanto.pngAlicanto Grid Fractite.pngFractite Grid Frost Archer.pngFrost Archer
Grid Frosty.pngFrosty Grid Glacide.pngGlacide Grid Hastreus.pngHastreus
Grid Rollum.pngRollum
Eden Mobs
Grid Bunny.pngBunny Grid Eden Cadillion.pngEden Cadillion Grid Eden Tomo.pngEden Tomo
Grid Greenfeet.pngGreenfeet Grid Madivel.pngMadivel File:Grid Sun Archer.pngSun Archer
Grid Weak Cori.pngWeak Cori
Wildwood Mobs
File:Grid Behemoth.pngBehemoth Grid Epiphite.pngEpiphite File:Grid Mage.pngMage
Grid Verek.pngVerek Grid Wildwood Cadillion.pngWildwood Cadillion Grid Wildwood Golem.pngWildwood Golem
Grid Wildwood Tomo.pngWildwood Tomo
Apalachia Mobs
Grid Apalachia Cadillion.pngApalachia Cadillion Grid Apalachia Golem.pngApalachia Golem Grid Apalachia Tomo.pngApalachia Tomo
Grid Enchanted Archer.pngEnchanted Archer Grid Wildwood Enchanted Warrior.pngEnchanted Warrior File:Grid Spellbinder.pngSpellbinder
Skythern Mobs
Grid Advanced Cori.pngAdvanced Cori File:Grid Megalith.pngMegalith File:Grid Mystic.pngMystic
Grid Samek.pngSamek Grid Skythern Archer.pngSkythern Archer Grid Skythern Fiend.pngSkythern Fiend
Grid Skythern Golem.pngSkythern Golem
Mortum Mobs
Grid Basilisk.pngBasilisk Grid Demon of Darkness.pngDemon of Darkness Grid Mortum Cadillion.pngMortum Cadillion
File:Grid Sorcerer.pngSorcerer Grid Soul Stealer.pngSoul Stealer Grid Twilight Archer.pngTwilight Archer
Dungeon of Arcana Mobs
Grid Deathcryx.pngDeathcryx Grid Death Hound.pngDeath Hound Grid Dungeon Constructor.pngDungeon Constructor
File:Grid Dungeon Demon.pngDungeon Demon Grid Dungeon Prisoner.pngDungeon Prisoner Grid Living Statue.pngLiving Statue
Grid Razorback.pngRazorback Grid Roamer.pngRoamer
Vethea Mobs
Grid Acid Hag.pngAcid Hag Grid Biphron.pngBiphron Grid Bohemite.pngBohemite
Grid Cymesoid.pngCymesoid Grid Dissiment.pngDissiment Grid Dreamwrecker.pngDreamwrecker
Grid Duo.pngDuo Grid Ent.pngEnt Grid Galroid.pngGalroid
Grid Gorgosion.pngGorgosion Grid Helio.pngHelio Grid Hover Stinger.pngHover Stinger
Grid Kazrotic.pngKazrotic Grid Lheiva.pngLheiva Grid Lorga.pngLorga
Grid Lorga Flight.pngLorga Flight Grid Mandragora.pngMandragora Grid Shadahier.pngShadahier
Grid Tocaxin.pngTocaxin Grid Twins.pngTwins Grid Vermenous.pngVermenous
Grid Vhraak.pngVhraak Grid Zone.pngZone Grid Zoragon.pngZoragon
Grid Ancient Entity.pngAncient Entity Grid Ayeraco Horde.pngAyeraco Horde Grid Densos.pngDensos
File:Grid Dramix.pngDramix File:Grid Eternal Archer.pngEternal Archer File:Grid Experienced Cori.pngExperienced Cori
Grid Hive Queen.pngHive Queen Grid Karos.pngKaros Grid Karot.pngKarot
Grid King of Scorchers.pngKing of Scorchers Grid Lady Luna.pngLady Luna File:Grid Parasecta.pngParasecta
Grid Quadro.pngQuadro Grid Raglok.pngRaglok File:Grid Reyvor.pngReyvor
Grid Soul Fiend.pngSoul Fiend File:Grid Sunstorm.pngSunstorm File:Grid Termasect.pngTermasect
Grid The Watcher.pngThe Watcher Grid Twilight Demon.pngTwilight Demon Grid Vamacheron.pngVamacheron
Grid Wreck.pngWreck