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King of Scorchers
The King of Scorchers.
Mob Type Boss
Added In Version
Spawned By Infernal Flame, in The Nether only
Health 1100 HP (Heart.pngx550)
Attack Type Ranged
Damage Output Fireball: 14 (Heart.pngx7)

Bomb: 40-50 (Heart.pngx20-25)

Drops 1 Fury Fire, 6 Bluefire Stones, King of Scorchers Statue (Uncommon)


The King of Scorchers is an incredibly easy boss, it is the only boss to drop Fury Fire, an ingredient used to create a Flaming Fury. It can only be spawned in the Nether with the Infernal Flame.

The King of Scorchers has 2 methods of attacking a player; the first is where he will shoot fire balls rapidly at a player, which will do no damage to you as long as you are wearing Inferno Armor/Netherite Armor or have a fire resistance potion. The second method of his attack is that he will make it rain fireballs from the sky that will act as bombs. When stepped on, they will explode and cause damage as well as shoot the player into the air. If you kill The King of Scorchers fast enough this attack can be avoided.

Due to the boss's large amount of health, it's not recommended to face him unless you have a strong sword such as the Glacier Sword.

A glitch currently exists in which the King of Scorchers may go invisible until despawning, rendering it extremely difficult—if not impossible—to defeat by normal means.​

There is a chance that, if the King of Scorchers is suffocated to death in a wall, his drops may come out the other side. For example, if he is in a suffocation room, and he dies in a wall, his drops may fall out into the lava lake on the other side of the mountain, making you lose all of the drops.