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Jungle Spider
Added Version 0.8
Spawns Jungle Biome
Health 45 HP (Heart.pngx22.5)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength 7 HP (Heart.pngx3.5)
Drops 1-3 Jungle Shards

The Jungle Spider is a hostile mob that spawns in the Overworld .  It is a spider-like mob that only spawns in Jungle Biomes.

If you aren't well equipped, you should probably make a run for it if a jungle spider is after you. They are pretty strong, taking out an unarmored person in 2 hits, and can poison you.


The jungle spider is one of two mobs that create a large hazard in the jungle, the other being the Jungle Dramcryx. They are able to move quickly and poison players they hit. Jungle spiders may be considered a much harder version of a cave spider. It is recommended to be on the lookout for these spider when travelling in jungles.

Additional Info

The Jungle Spider was part of the new "Evolution of Mobs Part 1" update where the creators made new skins and models for some mobs. Jungle spiders can poison players and spawn at any light level, making a jungle house rather risky early in the game. A bane of arthropods sword is always recommended before entering a jungle.

Jungle Spider Jockey