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Jungle Dramcryx
Jungle Dramcry.png
A Jungle Dramcryx.
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version
Spawns In Jungle Biome (Overworld)
Health 40HP (Heart.png x20)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 15 Damage (Heart.png x7.5)

Normal: 19 Damage (Heart.png x9.5)

Drops Jungle Shards

The Jungle Dramcryx is a hostile mob that spawns naturally in Jungle biomes, in any light level. It is highly recommended to avoid the jungle when starting a new world because this mob is incredibly dangerous and can kill an unarmed player in two hits. They can also spawn in caves beneath a Jungle Biome.

Jungle Dramcryxes move rather slowly, roughly as fast as a cow, so it is possible to out-run them even when walking.

If you find yourself in the Jungle without appropriate weapons and armor, you will find that the Jungle Dramcryx will be your greatest threat to your survival. Travelling in the jungle can be extremely difficult - you may be best off setting up a base wherever you are, and develop a reliable food source (such as bread).  Installing the Death Chest mod or setting /gamerule keepInventory to true is advised so you don't die and lose your items. You'll probably be encouraged to return to a safe place anytime you hear a Jungle Dramcryx roar. You can kill a Jungle Dramcryx using a stone sword, though it may break after killing 2 or 3. Iron armor will be beneficial, at least until you can find better protection.

Another strategy is to set up outpost camps around your central base. Clear out enough land and set up some fences and gates, so that you have at least a 4x4 area inside, and gates on all sides.  If you are being chased by a Jungle Dramcryx, or have one nearby, you can run into your outpost camp, and attack them safely from behind the fence.  The 4x4 space inside is to ensure you can stand back enough from the fence without being attacked.  With your outpost camps you can expand your exploration of the jungle.


  • The famous Youtuber CaptainSparklez that promoted DivineRPG called the Jungle Dramcryxes Jungle Stegosaurus in his DivineRPG series.
  • This is referenced in an achievement called "Death to all Jungle Stegosaurus" which requires the player to kill a Jungle Dramcryx.