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Jungle Bat
Jungle Bat.png
Added In: Version 1.1
Spawns: Jungle
Health: 20 HP (Heart.pngx10)
Attack Type: Melee
Attack Strength: 17 HP (Heart.pngx8.5)

Normal: 20+ (Heart.pngx10+)

Drops: Jungle Shards

The Jungle Bat is a mob that spawns anywhere in Jungle biomes. It has 20 health (Heart.pngx10) and does 17 (Heart.pngx8.5) of damage (deals 20+ Heart.pngx10+ damage in normal, killing in one hit if unprotected). They are not aggressive, and won't attack unless provoked. Even so, they do not forcibly attack you, and will only cause damage if bumped into. If you can manage to kill one it will drop Jungle Shards.


It is recommended that you have enchanted armor better than Realmite Armor. Jungle Bats move extremely fast so it is hard to hit with a bow or even a sword. It is not advised to provoke these creatures as their fast, erratic movement, high amount of health, and high attack power make them hard to kill before they do you. Again, bows are not recommended.