Divine RPG Wiki
A Hastreus.
Mob Type Neutral
Added In Version
Spawns In Iceika
Health 200 HP (Heart.pngx100)
Attack Type None
Damage Output 0 Points (Heart.pngx0)
Drops 0-3 Frozen Shards

The Hastreus will slow down a player upon close-contact with the player, and the player will experience a zoom effect. They can't attack but they are frequently with other mobs where the Slowness effect will hinder your combat.

One way of escaping this mob is by putting blocks (any will do) in front of them. The other way is by having a weapon that has a good knockback ability.


  • The Hastreus received a model upgrade in V.1.2.5 of Divine RPG during the second part of the Evolution of Mobs.
  • The slowness effect is the same effect as the potion of slowness in Vanilla Minecraft.