Divine RPG Wiki
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version 1.2
Health 128 HP (Heart.pngx64)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 12 damage (Heart.pngx6)
Drops 0-3 Frozen Shards
Spawns in Iceika

Glacides are hostile mobs found in the Iceika dimension. They are similar to Glacon (found in the Overworld), however they are larger, stronger and slower. Glacide are one of the least dangerous mobs in Iceika. Ranged attacks are much more effective than melee attacks on Glacide.


  • The Glacide received a model upgrade in V.1.2.5 of Divine RPG during the second part of the Evolution of Mobs.
  • The Glacide used to be able to spawn within underground Iceika dungeons, but was changed so they do not spawn starting from v.1.2.7 of Divine RPG.
  • They used to look more long rectangular and Joe and Cody from The Atlantic Craft called them "trucks."