Divine RPG Wiki
Mob Type Hostile
Added In Version 1.1
Spawned Environment Snowy Biomes, Iceika
Health 80 HP (Heart.pngx40)
Damage Output 3 HP (Heart.pngx1.5)
Drops Tomato, Frozen Shards, Ice Stone

Frosts are hostile mobs that spawn in the Overworld. They take the appearance of light-blue snowflakes. When in hostile range they shoot fireballs with terrible accuracy, comparable to that of the Scorchers, which start fires on blocks that the projectile collides with. The player can also be hit by a melee attack.

It is NOT recommended to make a wooden house in or near a Taiga Biome because when these mobs spawn, they can and will burn down your house. Frosts can also spawn in caves under a Taiga Biome. In the event that you spawn in a Taiga Biome, you should relocate as soon as possible.

When killed, Frosts drop Tomatoes, Frozen Shards, and Ice Stones as loot.


The Frost can be a very tough mob. If the player gets too close the Frost will hit the player with a melee attack. It is recommended to attack using ranged weapons (10 fully-powered arrow shots should kill one), although you can just charge them with a Realmite or Bloodgem Sword. Frosts take damage when touching water, so bring a water bucket when in a Taiga biome. If you make a house in the Taiga biome, make it out of cobblestone so it won't burn down. To fight a Frost that is in your home, exit your home, lead it to your front door (if possible make it an iron door), dig a hole just above the door, then pour water inside. This will block some fireballs coming your way. Then place a slab one block in front of the front door. The result from the left side view should look like this:

W []  []  []

W   I  []  []

W   I  []  S

[] = Open air. I = Part of iron door. W = Water source or water flow. S = Half slab.

Make a water source nearby so you can extinguish yourself if you do get set on fire, then shoot the Frost with a bow. This method can be used for Frozen Shards, Ice Stones, and Tomato farming.

known bugs:

currently just like the scorcher they will never hit you with a fireball unless they set the ground under you on fire.