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The Eternal Archer
Eternal Archer.png
Eternal Archer
Health 1550 HP (Heart.pngx775)
Attack Shoots arrows that can inflict wither, nausea, blindness, or just explode about every second.
Damage 26 (Heart.pngx13)
Guaranteed Drops Heart of the Apalachia and Eternal Archer Statue
Other Drops Halite Blitz or Halite Bow


The Eternal Archer is a boss that can be spawned in the Apalachia Dimension at its altar. 

The Fight

The Eternal Archer hits hard. Even with full Mortum Armor, the second strongest set in the mod, it deals 2 and a half hearts per arrow. The best way to battle it is to use a ranged weapon from a distance and move quickly around, making it hard for it to hit you.


  • Oddly enough, while still only in the Third Dimension, the Eternal Archer drops the Halite Blitz or the Halite Bow, which is considered top-of-the-line gear, and is only compatible with ammo crafted from the Mortum Dimension.