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Eden Blade
Dravite Blade Full Size.png
Type Melee Weapon
Damage Output 24 Melee (Heart.png x12)
Durability 2000
Special None
Stackable No (1)
Added Version 1.0
Data Value 5472

The Eden Blade is the melee weapon obtained from the crafting of 2 Eden Chunks and a Stick. It is a powerful melee weapon, dealing 24 melee damage (12 hearts). It has a durability of 2000. It is highly recommended that to craft this weapon upon entering Eden, as there are many Mobs there with high health.


Ingredients Input » Output

Chunks, Sticks

Dravite Chunk

Dravite Chunk


Dravite Blade

Combat Application and Uses

The Eden Blade deals very high damage for a weapon of its level. It can kill most mobs within Eden with 10 strikes or less. This, coupled with its low manufacture cost (42 Eden Fragments), makes it highly recommended to obtain. In addition, its cheap material cost makes up for its low durability level of 2000.

The Eden Blade is generally used as a primary weapon, so it should be used when the player is surrounded by many hostile mobs.


  • This sword can be repaired on an Anvil with Eden Gems.
  • The only way to enchant this sword is by enchanting books, then enchanting the sword with them via an Anvil.