If you are reading this, it is likely that you've already been through Divine RPG Survival 101. If not, you should probably go there for the "ground up" Divine RPG walkthrough. This guide is for those who are well-established in this mod and wish to enhance their gameplay with tactical advice and strategies.

Melee Weapon Strategy

The plethora of melee weapons available to the player in Divine RPG can be a bit confusing, especially since many of them don't follow a steady progression from worst to best. These strategies may help you decide what weapon to rely on and what ones need to take the back seat.

Breakable vs Unbreakable

Breakable Swords:

  • are the most powerful
  • can be enchanted
  • make good primary weapons
  • must be repaired or replaced

Unbreakable Swords:

  • never need to be replaced
  • keep you from ever being caught defenseless
  • make good secondary weapons
  • are recommended for all players to have one
  • cannot be enchanted
  • are less powerful than breakable swords
  • can be enchanted using enchanted books and anvils

Personal preference is the strongest factor in determining which type of sword to use the most, but as a general rule the breakable primary swords are best for melee attackers, while the unbreaking ones are good for rangers who simply need a reasonable sidearm. Weighing the pros and cons will help you to decide which weapon is right for your needs.

Projectile Weapons Strategy

Weapon Comparison

Bows Throwing Blades Cannons Blitzes Phasers Anchors Queens
Rate of Fire Medium High Low High Low Med-High Med-High
Damage Med-High Low High Low High Low Medium
Durability Med-Low Disposable Med-Low High Medium Med-High High
General Description Tough but rewarding to master Consumed when used, so can get expensive but does a lot of damage quickly in the right hands Very powerful, fairly inexpensive, but slow to fire and not extremely durable, plus consumes ammo Fast firing low damage weapon, last long but consumes ammo Powerful with average durability and doesn't require ammo, but very slow to fire Somewhat expensive but doesn't require ammo, fairly durable and reasonably powerful Good all-around weapon for early game, fairly costly but quite helpful