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Note: This boss was removed in Divine RPG 1.4 (for 1.7.10).

Dex & Zichile will both spawn at the same time if you use a Zichile Crystal in Augite Depths. Dex has 4250 HP (Heart.pngx2500) and Zichile has 3400 HP (Heart.pngx1700). They can pass through all blocks. They take damage upon suffocation, but this is not a problem for them as they have a lot of HP. This is one of the more difficult bosses to slay because they cannot be trapped and will continue to stay in motion, flying through blocks near where they were spawned. Regeneration/healing equipment is highly advised, as well as Angelic Armor which you can switch mid-flight so you are both flying and well-protected.

When killed, Zichile will drop a Halite Helmet, while Dex will drop Halite Boots. Both Dex or Zichile have a chance to drop the Dex and Zichile Statue. Upon killing either one, you can go from level 0 to level 1000 or higher. It is advised to make sure you kill them above a large landmass as their drops may fall off the map.