Divine RPG Wiki
Desert Crawler
Added 1.1 Update
Spawns Desert
Health 60 HP (Heart.pngx30)
Attack Type Melee
Attack Strength 15 Points (Heart.pngx7.5)
Drops 0-140 Sandstone

The Desert Crawler is an aggressive mob that spawns in Desert biomes and rarely in caverns near the Bedrock layer. It can drop from 0 to 140 Sandstone on death.

WARNING: When beginning a new world, make sure you don't build your house in a Desert Biome because they spawn often. If you want a house in the desert, elevate the floor and use ladders to enter the house to be safe.

Tip: Because of the large amount of sandstone they can drop (they drop even more with Looting), Desert Crawlers are a very good source of solid blocks for things like bridge building (over cliffs and voids in other dimensions).