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You may be looking for the Caveclops

Mob Type Neutral
Added In Version 0.8
Spawned Environment Overworld
Health 35 (Heart.pngx17.5)
Attack Type Melee
Damage Output 16 (Heart.pngx8)
Drops 0-1 Gold Ingots, Bloodgem (Uncommon)

The Cyclops is a mob that spawns in the Overworld, usually in groups of 2-5. It has a very high spawn rate, so when building, make sure your buildings are at most three blocks tall to ensure that no Cyclopes will spawn in your home. This makes the Cyclops quite annoying when you are in a default superflat world, as they can spawn at that height level. They usually spawn in plains.

The Cyclops is a neutral mob, harmless unless provoked.  When attacked, nearby Cyclops will also be agitated and gang up on you, similar to Zombie Pigmen. They have a very large amount of health, so it is best never to provoke a Cyclops unless you have strong equipment for the purpose of withstanding the attacks of the Cyclops. It takes a diamond sword about 50 hits to kill a Cyclops. A Cyclops moves fairly slowly and cannot fit through tight areas, and can only jump one block high.  They also have a fairly short attack range, making them a good source of gold if you refuse to go underground. 

They will drop a single gold ingot about 3/4 the time and about one in every 17 Cyclopes drops a Bloodgem. They usually drop a Cyclops Eye, which is used for the Cyclopsian Sword, the Cyclopsian Bow, and the Cyclopsian Staff. Cyclopes are useful for enchanting as they drop two large experience orbs upon death. 


In a grasslands area, look for an area that spawns at least one Cyclops naturally. If you dig a pit in that area that's about 4x4 blocks in size and 3 blocks in depth, you can dig out on the four sides a pocket that is 1 to 2 blocks deep and only 2 blocks high (this leaves a ledge that obstructs the mob) for you to hide in. In one or in as many sides as you wish, you can give yourself a stairway out. 

Once this has been built, go and hit one and run to your pit, they will follow you in. You can kill them without getting hit (unless you get too close) by either standing in the pocket you dug or by returning to the top of the hole.


To get this mob to stop spawning in a building without sacrificing head-room, you can put half-slabs of any material down - this prevents any mob from spawning on that block-space. This does not work if the half-slab is stacked (creating a full block) or if it's on the top half of the block-space (the game recognizes that as a full block too).