Corrupted Cannon

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Corrupted Cannon
Name Corrupted Cannon
Type Cannon
Damage Output 10 per bullet
Damage Speed ?
Consumes Corrupted Bullets
Durability Infinite
Added ?
Special Ability Fires 4 bullets at once
Version Added ?
Stackable No
Data Value

  The Corrupted Cannon is a fairly strong ranged weapon that can be obtained in the Overworld. It is made with 3 Corrupted Stones, each of which are crafted from 9 Corrupted Shards (a common drop from Enthralled Dramcryxes), and 2 sticks. The Corrupted Cannon consumes 1 Corrupted Bullet per shot, but fires 4 bullets, each dealing 10 points (5 hearts) of damage. It has infinite durability.


Ingredients Input » Output
Corrupted Stones, Sticks

Combat Application and Uses

The Corrupted Cannon is useful when combating large groups of enemies as it fires a shotgun-like spray of bullets, dealing high damage and knocking multiple enemies back. It is also good for dealing with distant enemies (30-50 blocks away) because of its wide spread of bullets, making it easier for the player to hit the intended target.

However, it is ineffective when fighting a single enemy at close range, because even if all the bullets manage to hit the enemy, it can only deal at most 10 points (5 hearts) of damage per shot as there has to be a delay between rapid or multiple attacks for the other hits to be successful.

This damage mechanism is prevalent in all other weapons - another example would be rapidly swinging a sword against an enemy. One will notice that not all of the blows are effective, yet it lowers durability, hence it is better to decrease the rate of one's strikes. However, this cannot be done with the Corrupted Cannon, as it fires all 4 bullets simultaneously, making it almost impossible for them to land on the enemy at different times.


  • The Corrupted Cannon deals as much damage as the Dravite Blitz.
  • Creating the Corrupted Cannon may be difficult as Enthralled Dramcryxes are difficult to kill.
  • However, ammunition for the Corrupted Cannon is very efficient and cheap. Killing 1 Enthralled Dramcryx can yield up to almost 50 shots for the Corrupted Cannon, meaning a total of 200 projectiles can be fired.
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