Divine RPG Wiki
Mob Type Hostile
Spawn The Overworld (below y20)
Health Points 60 (Heart.pngx30)
Damage Output 8 (Heart.pngx4)
Drops Grid Realmite Ingot.png Realmite Ingot (0-6) Golden Pickaxe.png Golden Pickaxe (0-2)

The Caaveclops (not to be confused with the Cyclops) is a hostile mob which spawns in the Overworld underground.


It spawns at level 20 and lower, regardless of light level. It only has a single ranged attack that is often hard to see, because of the dark caverns.


It has high HP and deals little damage, but it fires its projectiles quickly, and they are hard to see, so it is a threat, especially if it is in a dark area. It can be very hard to hit it with melee attacks, because of its projectiles, which means using weapons like the Bow can heavily damage it without it firing projectiles at the player.


Caveclopses drops.0-6 Realmite Ingots, however, it is not a very reliable source, see the Realmite Farming page for more info. It can also drop 0-2 Golden Pickaxes.


The Caveclops (like all other cave mobs) can spawn in a default flat world.