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Cave Crawler
Cave Crawler.png
Mob Type Hostile
Spawn The Overworld (below y35)
Health Points 30 (Heart.pngx15)
Damage Output 7 (Heart.pngx3.5)
Drops Grid Realmite Ingot.png Realmite Ingot (0-2) Poison Potion.png Poison Potion (0.025%) (1)

The Cave Crawler is a hostile mob which spawns in the Overworld underground.


It spawns at level 34 and lower, regardless of light level. It only has a single melee attack, making it very weak.


It has low HP and deals little damage, so it is not a threat as long as the player is wearing armor. It only as one melee attack, which means using weapons like the Bow can do a lot of damage before it can even reach the player.


Cave Crawlers drops Realmite Ingots, however, it is not a very reliable source, see the Realmite Farming page for more info. It can also drop Poison Potions rarely. In older versions, (1.7.10 and below) it can also rarely drop Arlemite Ingots.


The Cave Crawler (like all other cave mobs) can spawn in a default flat world.