The Bloodgem Sword is a relatively strong melee weapon. It deals 9 points (Heartx4.5)  of damage, however, it is relatively easy to craft and has infinite durability, making it a decent second (back-up) weapon for players who are just starting out in a new Divine RPG survival adventure. Although the Bloodgem sword cannot be enchanted on an enchantment table or an Altar of Corruption due to its infinite durability, it can be enchanted by an enchanted book through the means of an Anvil. It is crafted with Sticks and Bloodgems, a raw material that is obtained either by mining Bloodgem Ore found in The Nether, or as a rare drop from a Cyclops.

The Bloodgem Sword is a weapon that the player will likely be getting after entering The Nether for the first time.


Ingredients Input » Output
Bloodgems, Sticks

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Bloodgem Sword

Combat Application and Uses

As with all other weapons with infinite durability, the Bloodgem Sword can be used as a spam-click weapon. This is because there is no fear of it losing any durability, and as such, it can keep up to 3 ground enemies away from their striking distance to the player indefinitely by simply spam-clicking (With the exception of Golems in the Twilight Dimensions, which have a riduculously far reaching melee attack), whilst dealing damage.

The Bloodgem Sword can also be used as a farming weapon. If the player enchants it with a Looting III enchantment, it can be used forever to obtain additional mob drops, allowing for an increased rate of farming for resources. Also, it can be used as a reasonably good secondary weapon early in game. If the primary weapon of the player breaks, the player can continue battling with his/her Bloodgem Sword.

However, due to its relatively weak attack power, its usefulness will eventually run out as the player journeys to the first of the Twilight Dimensions (Dravite Hills). This is because of the high amount of health these mobs possess in those dimensions, which makes the Bloodgem sword unsuitable for combatting such enemies, as it would take a very long time to kill one with it.

Furthermore, as the player progresses through the game. the Bloodgem Sword is easily replaced by more powerful infinite durability swords, such as the Ender Sword (dealing over double the damage) and the Divine Sword (dealing over triple the damage).


  • The Bloodgem sword deals the same amount of damage as the Rupee Rapier, however the latter does not have infinite durability