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Arlemite Ore
Arlemite Ore.png
Type Mineral Block
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe.png
Data Value 218
Added Version 0.2

Arlemite Ore is a mineral block found underground in the overworld. Smelting Arlemite Ore will produce Arlemite Ingots, which are then used to craft a variety of items. To obtain Arlemite Ore, the player must mine it with an iron Pickaxe or better. Arlemite is considered to be a medium tier ore in the Overworld - it is better than Realmite, but is weaker than Rupee.


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Arlemite Ingot

Arlemite Ingot

Natural Occurence

Arlemite Ore occurs only at Y=15 or lower. There are about 4 Arlemite Ores per chunk. Arlemite veins come in 1 to 3 ores, making it extremely rare and difficult to find.


Arlemite Ingots can be used to make various tools and weapons. However, it is not recommended to make them because the slightly more common Rupee is a higher tier ore. Arlemite's main use is in the creation of Shadow Bars, which have many other crafting uses, such as the Hellstone Ingot to make the Call of the Watcher and Mysterious Clock.

Arlemite Armor is quite powerful because the full set offers a 80% damage reduction against ranged attacks.


  • Arlemite Ore is rarer than RupeeRupee is a higher-tier ore.
  • Similarly, Arlemite Ore must be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or better, while Rupee can be mined with a Wooden Pickaxe.
  • Oddly, Arlemite Ore cannot be blown up using TNT, along with Realmite Ore and Rupee Ore.