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Arid Warrior
Arid Warrior.png
Mob Type Hostile
Spawn Desert
Health Points 40 (Heart.pngx20)
Damage Output 8 (Heart.pngx4)
Drops Grid Sandstone.png Sandstone (0-9) Grid Red Wool.png Red Wool (0-9)

The Arid Warrior is a dangerous mob that spawns in the desert.


Arid Warriors have a small chance at spawning in the desert in light. They attack with a rapid fire ranged attack from a bow that they hold.


These can be hard mobs to tackle when you are first starting out so it is recommended to either avoid desert biomes or take extreme caution. Arid Warriors can be fought with powerful ranged weapons like the Corrupted Cannon.


Arid Warriors drop 0-9 Sandstone and Red Wool.