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Arcanite Blaster
Arcanite Blaster Full Size.png
Type Weapons
Weapon Type Arcanic
Damage Output 23 (Heart.pngx11.5) per projectile
Durability 6500
Renewable No
Stackable No
Arcana Consumption 20

The Arcanite Blaster is a ranged Arcanic weapon from the Dungeon of Arcana. It can be purchased from the War General.

For the cost of 20 Arcana, it fires a cloud of 30 projectiles that each do 23 damage (Heart.pngx11.5). Because each projectile is separate, some projectiles may hit a mob while others fly past it.


The Arcanite Blaster can be obtained by trading with the War General for 18 Arcanium.


The Arcanite Blaster is a good weapon to use against groups of mobs, because it fires 30 projectiles at once. Each projectile can (theoretically) hit a mob and deal damage to it. However, since the projectiles are quite close together, they usually only manage to hit three or four mobs with one blast.

Nonetheless, due to its (relatively) low Arcanium cost, low Arcana usage, and relatively high damage output, the Arcanite Blaster is a good weapon to try and get.


  • The Arcanite Blaster has the same Arcanium cost as the General's Staff, another Arcanic weapon that is also sold by the War General.