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Apalachia Blade
Grid Apalachia Blade.png
Type Weapon
Damage 29
Durability 2000
Stackable No (1)
Repair Material Grid Apalachia Gem.png Apalachia Gem

The Apalachia Blade is a melee weapon obtained from the crafting of 2 Apalachia Chunks and a Stick. It is an extremely strong melee weapon, dealing 29 melee damage. It has a durability of 2000. It is highly recommended that this melee weapon be obtained upon entering Apalachia, as there are many mobs there with high health, of which many are hostile towards the player.


Ingredients Input » Output
Apalachia Chunks, Stick

Apalachia Chunk

Apalachia Chunk


Apalachia Blade


  • This sword can be repaired on an anvil with Apalachia Gems.
  • The only way to enchant this sword is by enchanting books, and then enchanting it on the sword via anvil.