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A wide view of some Apalachian islands.

Apalachia is the third Twilight dimension. It is characterized by its purple hue, thick floating forests, and increased amount of hostile mobs compared to previous Twilight dimensions.


To access Apalachia, the player must construct an Apalachia Portal in any dimension. To create the portal, the player must first build a rectangular frame using Wildwood Blocks, ranging in size from a minimum of 4x5 to a maximum of 23x23. Once the frame is built, it is activated by right-clicking it with a Twilight Clock.

Apalachia Portal with the minimum amount of blocks needed.

The portal allows most entities, with some exceptions[more information needed], to be transported to a corresponding point in Apalachia. Travel through the portal is instant in any gamemode. If there is no corresponding portal, a new 4×5 portal is created. The portal can be destroyed by breaking the Wildwood Block frame, by a nearby explosion, or by placing water or lava into it with a dispenser.



Terrain generates in Apalachia from at least Y-87[more information needed] to Y-18. There is no ceiling or floor, making a fall into the void almost certainly fatal. Apalachia has a daylight cycle and weather like the Overworld. Plants and trees spawn across Apalachia, similar to the Overworld but all with Apalachia's purple hue. Occasional lakes of Smoldering Tar can be found on the surface. As opposed to previous Twilight Dimensions, hostile mobs spawn regardless of the time in Apalachia, and do so in greater numbers.

Coordinates in Apalachia match those of the Overworld exactly, meaning if a portal is formed at x=1000, z=1000 in either dimension, it will take the player to x=1000, z=1000 in the other. Locations in the Nether scale up 8:1 with Apalachia coordinates, meaning if an Apalachia portal is formed in the Nether at x=1000, z=1000, it will take the player to x=8000,z=8000 in Apalachia. All other dimensions follow the 1:1 coordinate scaling of the Overworld.

Most items and blocks in Apalachia function the same as they do in the Overworld, with a few notable exceptions:

  • Beds and respawn anchors cause an explosion 25% stronger than TNT and cause fires when one attempts to use them, as beds do in the Nether and respawn anchors in the Overworld. (Villagers, if somehow brought in, can still use beds safely).
  • Compasses in Apalachia point to the corresponding coordinates of the Overworld world spawn.
  • Grass and leaves take on a purple color to match Apalachia.


Apalachia has only one biome, named after itself. Like previous Twilight Dimensions, Apalachia is composed of floating sky islands. However, Apalachia's islands tend to be larger and more connected than prior dimensions. Most of the surface of Apalachia is covered in trees and plants. Underneath the surface lies Twilight Stone which extends to the bottom of the floating islands. Caves do not generate within Apalachia, though some terrain may generate in low, partly enclosed areas. Veins of Apalachia Ore and Stone deposits of Smoldering Tar spawn under the surface of the Twilight stone.

Generated structures

There are five different structures that generate in Apalachia, all of which spawn on the surface.

Name Description Image
Eternal Archer Dungeon Square structure with Apalachia Planks (and slabs/stairs), Apalachia Bricks, Ender Stone Lamp, and Eternal Archer Spawner. Used to summon Eternal Archer boss. Eternal Archer Dungeon.png
Apalachia House Small structure made of Apalachia Planks (and slabs/stairs), Apalachia Bricks, Apalachia Logs, and Stained Purple Glass. Apalachia House.png
Apalachia Portal Remnants Some Wildwood Blocks on top of Apalachia Bricks, Apalachia Grass, Apalachia Logs, and Apalachia Leaves, forming an incomplete Apalachia portal frame. Has 2 variants. Apalachia Ruined Portal.png
Pillar Structure formed with Apalachia Planks, Slabs, and Stairs, and Apalachia Bricks. Has 4 variants. Apalachia Serenade Pillar.png
Fallen Apalachia Tree Logs and leaves on the ground which look like a fallen tree. Has 5 variants. Apalachia Fallen Log2.png



Below is a list of all blocks that generate naturally in Apalachia:

Technical information




  • Purple Planet: Enter the Apalachia Dimension.



  • 1.4.0: Renamed from Uvite Islands to Apalachia
  • 1.5: Added day/night cycle to all Twilight Dimensions.


  • Apalachia was originally named the "Uvite Islands" before being renamed in v1.4.0.