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A view of Apalachia. Note that in current versions, the sky is much darker.

Apalachia is the second Twilight dimension. In this dimension, almost every mob is automatically hostile. It is recommended to have a decent set of armor for Apalachia.

To get to Apalachia, the player will need to have visited The Wildwood and collected 90 Wildwood Fragments to create 10 Wildwood Blocks. The Apalachia portal is in the formation of a Nether portal, and is lit with a Twilight Clock.

It is recommended to bring blocks into the dimension as it is possible for the portal to spawn in mid-air, though this is less likely as Apalachia has more land than The Wildwood.

Apalachia is the waypoint between peaceful and aggressive, just like sunset, which is the transition from day to night. Stronger, automatically hostile mobs such as the Apalachia Golem spawn in all light levels here, a step up from the previous dimensions where strong hostiles would only spawn in the dark. The dimension is mainly meant to prepare the player for the next two Twilight Dimensions.



Mob Default Behaviour
Apalachia Golem Hostile
Enchanted Archer Hostile
Enchanted Warrior Hostile
Apalachia Cadillion Hostile
Apalachia Tomo Neutral


  • Apalachia was originally named the "Azurite Forests" before being renamed in v1.4.0.